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Parking Permit

Campus parking and driving is a privilege not a right and as such, it comes with several responsibilities. As a result you are expected to meet the following campus expectations with regard to campus driving:

1. To drive on the VHS campus you must have a valid driver’s license.

2. Students classified as a ninth grader are not allowed to drive on campus. It makes no difference if they are of age and have a driver’s license. They must be grade 10 or higher to drive and park on the school campus

3. Driving privileges may be revoked for poor grades, poor attendance, excessive tardiness, and/or student discipline issues. This includes receiving more than five absences or tardies per semester.

4. We have a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus during the school day unless they are enrolled in work study, dual enrollment, or concurrent enrollment.

5. Parking permits will be sold for $10.00. Replacement/Additional permits also cost $10.00. The permit must be affixed in order to be valid and we reserve the right to conduct periodic parking permit checks.

6. All vehicles must be registered with the bookkeeping office. Proof of insurance and registration must be shown when registered and may be checked periodically throughout the school year.

5. All student vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lots. All vehicles must be parked within the appropriate parking spaces.

6. Parking in a red marked area (fire lane) subjects owner to county traffic citation and fine.

7. No student vehicles will be on the sidewalk or closer to buildings than the designated area.

8. Vehicles parked improperly, i.e. in designated handicapped or visitors’ areas will be towed at owner’s expense.

9. No student vehicle may be parked in the staff parking lot.

10. Students and visitors are required to stop and identify themselves upon request of any VHS staff member.

11. Any student who drives his/her vehicle in an unsafe manner while on campus will have their parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the semester.

12. VHS will not be responsible for any damage or vandalism to a vehicle on campus.

13. VHS reserves the right to search any suspect vehicle that is brought on campus.

14. Students caught selling vehicle parking permits will have their driving privileges revoked for the remainder of the school year, and/or receive other disciplinary consequences.

15. Failure to comply with campus rules regarding vehicles may result in towing at the owner’s expense.

​​Printable Valencia High Parking Registration Form